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Climbing Mugs

These training mugs will make your physical training more complex and make your fingers as strong as your biceps !

Three different mugs allow you to adapt as well as possible to your physical preparation schedule, and to alternate between effort and rest phases ...
Whether you are a “nature”, “classic” or an YY Vertical fan, you will find the color you need in this range of climbing mugs, worthy of the greatest routes !

Three colors, three grips : Orange, green, black


Capacity of the mug : 300ml
Size of the mug : 8,2*9,6 cm

climbing MUG 2
climbing mug

Climbing Mugs Ⓓ

Climbing Socks

Thin, breathable and seamless, these socks offer a comfortable and unnoticeable protection for climbers feet.

Regardless the climbing style, the anti-bacterial material minimizes odours.
Thanks to the snug fit and the individual design for the foot laterality, climbers keep the trust and precision in their footwork. It doesn’t matter where and when, let feet breath.

- 94% Polyamide 6% Elastane (48% Meryl Skin Life).
- Made in Italy.

Climbing socks Ⓓ 

X Monster

X Monster Ⓓ 

Sold in pairs, these high quality resin holds allow a complete and progressive training according to the level of the climber.


Its unique design combines 6 different grips, thanks to the rotation of the hold. In addition to its diversity of movement, the X MONSTER is compact and has an inimitable touch quality.



Columnvert Ⓓ 

By giving a solid support to one's head, the effect that gravity has on one's vertebrae is reduced.

Thus, all the risks deriving from the cervical hyperextension are minimized. Any buy releasing the whole structure from such a heavy load, we ger some benefit from the very first moment: 

- by decreasing the efforts of the back muscles of our neck.

- by discharging the stress of the whole cervical area.

- By preventing cervical pains.

- By relieving the mechanical compression of the vertebrae and inter-vertebral discs.

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